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monkey Enlightened
[Go]Có nên sử dụng panic?
Mình thấy docs của go nói thế này: <p> </p> <p> The panic built-in function stops normal execution of the current goroutine. When a function F calls panic, normal execution of F stops immediately. Any functions whose execution was deferred by F are run in the usual way, and then F returns to its caller. To the caller G, the invocation of F then behaves like a call to panic, terminating G's execution and running any deferred functions. This continues until all functions in the executing goroutine have stopped, in reverse order. At that point, the program is terminated with a non-zero exit code. This termination sequence is called panicking and can be controlled by the built-in function recover. </p> <p> </p> <p> Như vậy thì chương trình của mình có khả năng sẽ bị stop hoàn toàn nhỉ? Vậy thì có nên dùng panic không nhỉ? </p>